VMware - Efficiency at the Core!


VMware virtualization brings operating efficiency from the core to the infrastructure to managing your network. At the core -VMware Hypervisor Features:

Small Footprint 70 MB disk footprint (VMware ESXi™)
OS Independent from the operating system No reliance on Windows etc. operating system (VMware ESXi)
Hardened Drivers Optimized with hardware vendors
Advanced Memory Management Ability to reclaim unused memory, de-duplicate memory pages, compress memory pages

Houston-based EBS IT Solutions provides VMware virtualization solutions for the hypervisor core to network management!

VMware ESX Speed!
364,000 IOPS and More!
I/O is the most critical performance measure in virtual environments and a test conducted by VMware with EMC showed a single ESX host to be capable of driving over 364,000 IOPS, [the SSD equivalent of thousands of rotating disks]
What this translated to is that users do not know their applications are being run in a virtual environment!.
Learn more about VMware infrastructure systems efficiency.

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Advantages of Virtualization

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