VMware Licensing Levels, VMware "Kits"


VMware core functionality is available in a range of bundles, now called "kits", by VMware.
At the simplest virtualization level the ESXi hypervisor itself is available for free, however, the free ESXi hypervisor alone lacks key functionality that we associate with VMware including the vCenter management module. Also, ESXi on its own is not supported by common backup software for VMware such as vRanger or esXpress which require at least the Essentials kit.
Houston-based EBS is a VMware partner and we will provide you with support, from selecting your VMware version to implementing a cost saving VMware solution.

The basic VMware kits are shown in the table below:

Kit Level Essentials Kit Essentials Plus Kit Standard Acceleration Kit Advanced Acceleration Kit with vCenter Standard
System management vCenter for Essentials vCenter for Essentials vCenter Standard vCenter Standard
Servers/Processors supported 3 servers up to 2 processors each 3 servers up to 2 processors each 8 Processors - scalable with additional licenses 6 Processors - scalable with additional licenses
Cores Per Processors 6 6 6 12


The key difference for the SMB market in what each kit can do is that Essentials does not include thin provisioning, high availability (HA) or vMotion. For the most up to date and detailed information this data is laid out well at this VMware site page.

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