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VMware provides a large family of products and services. From the basic hypervisor at the core ESX, ESXi to vSphere, vCenter and the many modules offered in various packages from the free ESXi hypervisor to Essentials, Essentials Plus, Standard, Midsize, Advanced and Enterprise "kits". Each succeeding kit handles a larger number of servers, processor cores and or, adds supported features.

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Why VMware?


VMware ESX—the industry's first "bare-metal" hypervisor for x86 systems—is widely considered the most reliable and robust virtualization platform. ESX was Launched in 2001 and is now in its fourth generation.
An interesting comment on the stability of the VMware hypervisor came from Redmond Magazine which awarded VMware ESX the top spot in the "most reliable" category of its 2008 Editors' Choice Awards for all IT products. They added:


"The least stable part of ESX is usually the administrator. The code is virtually bomb-proof."

Some key differentiators for VMware:

  1. It is built on a robust, proven foundation
  2. VMware delivers a complete virtualization platform from desktop to the datacenter
  3. Provides comprehensive virtualization and cloud management
  4. Integrates with overall IT infrastructure
  5. VMware is proven with over 190,000 customers (early 2011)

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Advantages of Virtualization

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