Desktop Virtualization

“Cut costs by 50%”   “Double the useful life of your existing PC hardware”

“Free up your IT staff to work on strategic projects”

“Companies can create standard, locked down, virtual images for secure access to enterprise resources. They can issue these to employees who run them off their own PC or Mac.”[1]


It sounds better than chocolate mousse!  What can potentially do all of this? The Answer is: Desktop Virtualization!

Run your organizations desktops from central servers – served as images to most any hardware device.

VMware’s  "View 4.5" “decouples” the user desktop from the local hardware. View 4.5 provides central desktop management.

Built on vSphere the powerful, fully developed VMware virtualization platform, the View 4.5 desktop solution provides availability, insured compliance, built in disaster recovery, improved patch management and central security policy management.

Reduce Capital Cost by Extending the Useful life of PC hardware!


VMware Desktop Virtualization


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[1]Zero Day, Ryan Naraine and Dancho Danchev
       How desktop virtualization will save your company from Generation Y, By        Rich Mogull

Desktop Virtualization Support


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VMware virtualization offers true management and advanced control of your network. Stop hoping for the best and get to the comfort point of knowing your network is fully functional, reliable and easily recovered.