Beyond Basics: Virtualization Management with VMware vCenter


EBS is your solution for VMware implementations to meet your Virtualization management needs!

With virtualization on the vSphere platform, servers become software files.  These files can be provisioned, managed, secured and protected with speed and efficiency in an on-demand pool of physical infrastructure resources.  

Applications can be delivered with the highest level of availability and service levels, with lower cost and less complexity.
But what ties this pool of physical machines and virtual servers together? How is it all managed efficiently, without opening and interacting with separate server interfaces in the old paradigm?

VMware vCenter is the answer – providing the universal hub for managing the Lifecycle Manager
  • Automated enforcement of patch policies for ESX hosts, VMs, and some applications with VMware vCenter Update Manager
  • A synchronized single-console view of inventory, configuration, roles and permissions of multiple vCenter instances with vCenter Linked Mode
  • Physical host configurations are Monitored and automatically remediated for compliance with baseline profile standards
  • Drag-and-drop development of customized workflows to automate operational tasks with VMware vCenter Orchestrator
  • VMware vCenter AppSpeed provides automated monitoring, and detection of performance issues for multi-tier virtualized applications, enabling faster troubleshooting and remediation


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