Why Virtualize? VMware Virtualization

Virtual servers and virtualization are much more common terms than they were a few years ago. Yet it is important to understand all of the key advantages of virtualization so that IT managers can justify implementations and get all of the benefits from virtualization. 

Virtualization benefits include:

  • Server consolidation
  • Reduce hardware by 10:1 ratio
  • Reduce hardware and operating costs by up to 50%
  • Save energy
  • Increase server utilization
  • Setup a new server 70% faster
  • Improve uptime
  • Built -in business continuity / disaster recovery features
  • Recover to even dissimilar hardware
  • Powerful central infrastructure control

In what other way can you get 10 out of 1? That is, real, functional servers out of one physical box!

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VMware Technology

VMware provides desktop virtualization, vMotion uninterruptible server - on the fly replication, central server management and other powerful features.  For professional help with virtualization contact EBS.
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VMware Disaster Recovery / Backup

VMware has available many ways to enhance backup, system reliability and disaster recovery, built up from the basic functionality of a server as a file. From vMotion to HA, Fault Tolerance and Recovery Manager. More