SharePoint Search Capabilities


SharePoint 2010 Search provides intranet search, people search, and a platform to build search-driven applications—all on the single, cost-effective SharePoint structure.

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SharePoint 2010 Search provides interactive, visual cues that help your people find information quickly. The refinement panel lets them drill into the results and find what they really need.
SharePoint has powerful people and resources search capabilities. Customize the Search Experience - your people use search in many different ways. With SharePoint 2010 Search, add your own vocabulary, tune relevance, and use each person's specific information to deliver better search results. There are lots of powerful features in even the standard version of SharePoint and even more in the Enterprise and FAST search add-ons.
The search elements of standard SharePoint include:

  • Basic Sorting
  • Best Bets
  • Click Through Relevancy
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Enterprise Scale Search
  • Federated Search
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Search Scopes
  • SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Framework
  • Windows 7 Search
  • Meta-data Driven Refinement
  • Mobile Search Experience
  • People and Expertise Search
  • Phonetic and Nickname Search
  • Query Suggestions, "Did You Mean?", and Related Queries
  • Recently Authored Content
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Search Scopes

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