SharePoint - Bringing People and Information Together


What happens when the right people and the right information come together?

With Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 as your collaboration platform, you empower your people to work together more effectively - and more intelligently. Your employees will use an array of tools to help them share:

  • Organizational knowledge
  • Personal expertise
  • Data
  • Documents


SharePoint 2010 can help your business:

  • Collaborate and innovate. Knowledge gets where it needs go.
  • Gain business insights and act. Your folks can quickly monitor and analyze up-to-date information
  • Reduce risk. Content management protects your information.

    Bring people and information together. Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 is the business collaboration solution that can help your organization innovate, gain business insights, and securely manage data.

    SharePoint Collaboration features include:

  • Document check-in and check-out features for version management.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office easy document reviews, edits, updates.
  • Notification, alerts, RSS feeds to keep teams up-to-date.
  • Outlook-compatible team calendars: plan, share dates and deadlines.
  • Task lists to assign work items to team members
  • Search across other data repositories
  • Self publish documents

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