EBS and SharePoint, Houston Area Services


EBS IT Solutions provides expert SharePoint services in the greater Houston area:

  • Microsoft trained and experienced personnel
  • Extensive Intranet consulting experience
  • Numerous turnkey Intranet/Portal Projects
  • Project management expertise 

EBS offers solid onsite SharePoint experience and we are backed up by a team of developers for large projects who give us solid depth of expertise.

How we can help:

  • Plan a solution, build a solution, train your folks on and support a portal solution
  • Building an organization communications portal
  • Implementing a cloud instance of SharePoint as a project site
  • Building a project team collaboration site
  • Creating an organization wide Intranet for sharing information and interactive communications
  • Using the free SharePoint Foundation to create a company informational site
  • Using SharePoint Foundation for document sharing and management
  • Present kpi data and goals - in an interactive format
  • Making safety and environmental information and resources accessible

Whatever your needs for communication, sharing of data and information, feedback, document access or kpi presentation EBS has the resources to help you make it happen. For SharePoint support in Houston call EBS at 713-522-3480 or Email us today.