SharePoint and Organization Communications


An Intranet/Portal/SharePoint Site becomes a powerful communication tool within a company. Information is presented in a structured, graphical way that is visual and intuitive. Finding and scanning information becomes a simple process. The delivery of information is streamlined.

You can publish key information and make it accessible, getting all personnel connected through the Intranet so that end users go to the Intranet for all sorts of relevant information and collaboration.

With an Intranet in place, employees no longer need to search for needed documents or have to read bunches of e-mail to learn of new company activities for example - this information is simply posted to the Intranet. Information on the company health day can be posted, a signup sheet provided, etc. A news box can be provided for a "Note from the President" or a "Manager's Corner" message. With SharePoint in place, an Activities page is a snap. Delegate permission to update the content of these pages and they become living, vital, communication tools.

To make your Intranet portal come to life with SharePoint call on the Houston based experts at EBS!

The following tools/features provide the power of SharePoint as a communications powerhouse:

Surveys – informal opinion polls to formal feedback on an initiative – build and deploy surveys easily. More on the SharePoint Surveys feature.

Discussion Boards – project discussions, discussion of company initiatives, team discussions on process and procedure, "discuss with the boss", etc. Setup discussion boards and let the communication flow! More on SharePoint Discussion Boards

Blog – a place to write about topics of interest –for the team lead, the manager, the HR advisor - and get feedback and response! More on SharePoint and Blogs

Wiki – gather technical information, build FAQ responses, accumulate group knowledge on any topic – a wiki is the tool to get it done.More on Wikis and SharePoint

Search - if you know what you have said and have documented already, and can find it you have gone a long way toward communication. More on SharePoint Search

Forms - a form is a formal request for information, a documentation of an incident, a request for services – they have a myriad of uses – accessible online form a make the process and the communication easier, faster. More on Forms and SharePoint

Document Management – keeping documents accessible, up to date, properly reviewed, authorized is all part of a communication process and SharePoint can help. More on SharePoint and Document Management

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