SharePoint Features: Content Types


A SharePoint portal can and will hold and link to lots of information – including many groupings of information. A feature of SharePoint lets you assign “Content Types” to different kinds of content.

The idea is to assign a content type to a certain kind of information  - for example project plans or project status reports or proposals or employee skills records. For each content type, say “project status report”, you can assign metadata that applies to that content type.

So for the example, “project status report” you might want to track:

  • Project name
  • Project number
  • Date
  • % Completion
  • Submitted By

Content types can attach to a library or list so that the metadata applies for every item.

Content types can be applied to a processes, documents or data sets.

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The following are some of the items you can store in a content type:

  • Templates for Documents — can give all documents a certain look and feel, or header data.
  • Workflows — make a particular workflow available to every document in a list or a library
  • Customized forms — With InfoPath or SharePoint Designer build a custom form and then associate the form with a library or list of items.
  • Columns  of data — a column can hold a date and time, a line of text or a list of choices and you can then associate that column with the documents in a list.

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