SharePoint Features - Discussion Boards


SharePoint lets you build a collaboration portal that will sit centrally in your organization's cyber world. From that portal what can you do? If you just provide a few documents that are useful and now more accessible that is something, but it can be much more. To make the Intranet portal come to life interactive communication is crucial. One tool provided by SharePoint that provides interactive communication is the Discussion Board.

With discussion boards site users can discuss topics of importance to them including projects, processes, policies and procedures, benefits and strategy – from parking spaces to competitive strategy!

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By default the most recent comments appear first as well and the numbers of replies are also shown. However with SharePoint the moderator or users can customize their view of the board.

You can create any number of discussion boards. Moderators can edit posts, attach files to enhance a discussion, delete or copy and paste a post to a different board. You can setup a board to receive email and use that medium to post top your boards.

Team Sites in SharePoint have a default discussion board. This board is called Team Discussion. It can be renamed or used as is from the creation of your team site.

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