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An Intranet can serve as a powerful communication tool within a company. An Intranet uses the technology of the Internet and the web to present information to internal users. Information is presented in a structured, graphical way that is visual and intuitive. Finding and scanning information becomes a simple process. Microsoft SharePoint implemented by EBS is your solution path to the portal you need - small business to enterprise!

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A few uses for your Intranet Portal:

Disseminate Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are probably the most beneficial documents published on the Intranet. Policies and Procedures documents require periodic updating. This can be vital company information that all personnel need to be able to locate, but in fact often can't find when needed. SharePoint will allow you to easily link to Policies and Procedures documents. Review dates can be entered and tracked effortlessly.


With an Intranet in place, employees no longer need to search for needed documents or have to read bunches of e-mail to learn of new company activities. This information is simply posted to the Intranet. Information on the company picnic can be posted, a signup sheet provided, etc. A special page or introductory text can be provided for a "Note From The President" or a "Manager's Corner" message.

Knowledge Management

When information is lost, or not accessible, you must go ahead without it, find it, or recreate it - all wastes of resources. Managing knowledge - making large numbers of documents available, keeping content up to date, is not a task that should be accomplished by an IT staff person. SharePoint lets those who need to share information publish and maintain it themselves.

Share & Publish Documents

Documents can be published to the company- wide Intranet and shared with the entire organization or limited to those with access to them.

Project Collaboration

With an Intranet/Portal in place, collaboration can take place like never before. An Intranet page can be devoted to a project for example, with key related documents linked to this page, shared Excel workbooks, pictures and a threaded discussion forum linked from the page.


Staff development is a crucial part of any business and takes a significant amount of time and energy and materials. Training is a service to your internal customers that provides skill enhancement, personal growth and employee motivation. An Intranet can present training materials, web based training content, course evaluations, online training needs analysis, etc.

A learning collaboration or "learning community" page can be built in SharePoint. For example, a group of employees working on a certification can have a collaboration page.

Employee Contact – Employee Resource Center

An Intranet can provide a central, easily accessed employee contact and informational resource. Phone extensions, position, office, skill set and location etc. can be easily found through a click on the Intranet.

Online Forms

Online forms, accessed from Intranet pages and submitted via e-mail directly to the right department or person, provide a powerful functionality. The Intranet can make it easy to find the needed form in context. SharePoint and InfoPath can make automated forms work.

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