Systems Security Review: Level 1

EBS offers three levels of packaged systems security reviews to meet your needs for security solutions be it for compliance requirements, high value data protection, or simply peace of mind!

Houston-based EBS offers the right blend of security professionals and deeply experienced hands on IT expertise to provide practical security solutions.



Our Level 1 systems security review is an available package that covers the basics of security protection and provides you with a detailed report covering the findings and recommendation of the review. Our Level 2 Systems Security Review and focused Compliance and Security Reviews are also available.

The Level 1 review includes:

  • Systems Security Updates Status
    (OS and miscellaneous software)
  • DNS and related external access
  • Active Directory, AD, permissions
  • System hardening
  • Internal controls
  • Physical security
  • Accessibility
  • Wireless security
  • Laptop and PDAs
  • Third party access controls and protections

    To discuss security concerns or to setup a Level 1 systems review call Houston-based EBS IT Solutions at 713.522.3480 or Email us.

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