Barracuda Load Balancer - Intrusion Detection


  • Network server traffic is distributed
  • Automated failover in the event of server failures
  • Network intrusion prevention built-in
  • Cost effective – no per server fees!


Powerful, Cost Effective, Enterprise Class Solution

Do you need high availability for an internet site, assured access from the field, reliable content delivery?

Is downtime not an option?

EBS will provide the Barracuda Load Balancer – configured to meet your needs!

Barracuda Load Balancer

High Availability, Scalability

Barracuda Load Balancer distributes traffic based on:

  • round robin
  • server weighting
  • least connections

  • Persistence: Barracuda Load Balancer can maintain state using client cookies and IP addresses.

Service Monitor assures servers and their applications are always operational. In the event of server or application outage, the Barracuda Load Balancer arranges automatic failover among servers to ensure continuous availability.

Dual failover: For full system redundancy, two Barracuda Load Balancers can be deployed in an active/passive configuration.

To purchase a load balancer, arrange an evaluation unit or discuss options call EBS IT Solutions in Houston, at 713.522.3480 or Email us.



Barracuda provides a wide range of network solutions including its reliable backup service, web filter, web application firewall and link balancer. Contact EBS IT for Support!

Barracuda Backup Service

The Barracuda Backup Service combines an onsite hardware backup device with an offsite backup and disaster recovery solution. The local backup for fast restore, remote backup copied to two secure data centers for maximum safety and security! Automated backup with data deduplication for efficient storage. Call EBS for Barracuda Backup solutions - 713.522.3480.