Colocation of a server involves having a server located in a remote facility that provides enhanced security as well as the simple advantage of being in a separate location, hopefully removed from any problem that might affect the home office.

Applications for Colocation

A few of the many reasons to look into a colocated server:

  • Secured Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • ASP - application service provider
  • Remote network hosting

EBS partners with premier colocation facilities and provides turnkey, cost effective colocation solutions to our clients!

A colocation implementation can serve more than one purpose - for instance, secure backup and disaster recovery/business continuity needs can both be met with a colocated server.

Factors in Colocation Selection and Implementation

Factors to be considered with colocation include the server and strorage device requirements - almost always rack mounted servers with space requirements measured in "U's", band width required to meet your needs and the power required for your individual server or full rack.

Careful planning for needs and requirements, care in review of, and decisions on, options for colocation, and professional expertise in setup and maintenance are required for a successful colocation implementation. EBS has the expertise to insure your needs are met!

Another key factor is of course the location and reliability of the colocation facility. Power redundancy and backup, manning and accessibility in the event of a disaster, the likelihood of downed lines causing a problem, and physical security of the building are factors to be considered.

For help with colocation needs or to discuss the possible applications for your business - call 713-522-3480 or toll free 800-524-9095 or Email EBS.

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