VMware Recovery and Reliability Elements

Two of the key technologies provided by VMware for systems reliability, backup and recovery are Data Recovery and Fault Tolerance


VMware Data Recovery

  • Agent-less, disk-based backup and recovery of your VMs
  • VM or file level restore
  • Incremental backups and data de-dupe to save disk space
  • Quick, simple and complete data protection for your VMs
  • Cost Effective Storage Management
  • Only to disk – not to tape
    [VMware version: Essentials Plus, Advanced and up]

VMware Fault Tolerance

  • Single identical VMs running in lockstep on separate hosts
  • Zero downtime, zero data loss failover for all virtual machines in case of hardware
  • No complex clustering or specialized hardware required
  • Single common mechanism for all applications and OSs
    [VMware version: Advanced and up]

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Advantages of Virtualization

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